Tiger’s BF


Nishad and I (along with Amy and S) tagged along as Tiger and his BF had their 2nd playdate. I say “their” play date, but we all had a wonderful time. Amy and I have been meaning to get together (kid prompted!) since the beginning of the year. But with the fact that I have school/h.w., in addition to the fact that Amy is also a full-time SAHM with a little one- not to mention everything else that life tosses ones way including holidays and and the fact that a chunk of playtime is already invested in our boys attending school M-F for three hours (not including commute times) a day it just didn’t happen until the new year. I think Tiger would agree when I say, “Well worth the wait!”

The first time I saw these two really together (besides pick-up- which happens in the blink of an eye, honestly) was at Charlie’s birthday party. The two sat next to one another and when Tiger wanted to get his BF’s attention he didn’t say his name, speak in a loud voice, poke or nudge him, etc. He simply brushed his hand across his friend back which prompted his friend to turn and make eye contact. They both smiled so lovingly at one another and then Tiger told him about the “color” he liked (they were at an art studio). It’s so sweet to see a reciprocal friendship bloom, not out of need, convenience or necessity, but out of the sheer joy of being true friends.

We’ve heard about a few different friends in Tiger’s Casa. However, when he speaks of his BF, it usually ends followed by either of these three things: 1. “I love him.” 2. “He doesn’t hit me.” (A good characteristic of a friend, I think!) 3. “My best.”

We headed to Como Zoo and Conservatory after pick-up. It’s about 25-minutes from the boys school. We brown bagged our lunches and briefly ate in front of the fountain (we were gently told that there is no food allowed in the actual gardens, but you can eat in the main section). After visiting the gardens we even made it outside to the primate building to monkey around a bit.

What I loved so much was that this, like our last play date, was really low-key. In the picture above, Amy and I feverishly searched for change so the boys could “make a wish” at the fountain. I never carry cash anymore– thank goodness we had both actually had change.

The boys curiously explored with a skip in their step, the look of wonder on their face and joy in their hearts. I’m so blessed Tiger introduced us to his BF and his family!