5 Alarm Birthday!

Nishad requested to have his birthday party at a place we went to this summer- The Minneapolis Fire Hall and Museum. We had so much fun this summer, and being that he has raved about being a fireman since he was 2, it was a dream come true for him. A BIG BOY party with some very BIG TRUCKS…FIRETRUCKS! He had a blast, and we still hear from parents about the party today…Good times!

My beautiful friend and the kids, reeeeved up for a firetruck ride down the streets of Minneapolis!

Another hit at the party that the kids were totally ‘fired-up’ about!

Nishad’s buddy, soaking up all there is to learn at this hands on museum!

“How do you suppose we tackle this fire?”

Nishad and his birthday buddy…”cousin” Emma 🙂 I am SO glad we’ve maintained being friends though the years. Not only do I love this family, but it has been such a treat to watch the kids grow-up from the day their were born…at the same hospital. God intended for Andrea (Emma’s Mommy) and I to meet. This I know!

Tiger was SO excited and happy for his big brother!

“Come Get Fired-up with the Chief!”
Dear sweet Nishad, Happy 5th Birthday!
Many More Dreams to come my Love!

Thanks to all that came!