Waddling to some Fun!

Tiger and I spent some time together waddling around the Twin Cities- looking for some Fall fun! Every year we parade up and down Grand Avenue, going trick or treating, but this year Nishad didn’t want to go. He replied, “I don’t want to go trick or treating…it’s all JUNK that you get.” Well, THAT IS what I tell him about candy. It’s not JUNK FOOD…It’s merely JUNK as it has no nutritional value and therefore it isn’t food. I guess he was REALLY listening. While I was EXTREMELY PROUD of this, I was a little sad. It’s not like we had to eat the JUNK! We could just have fun being together as a family. Alas, it was a Mommy and Tiger day– which worked out great because Tiger and I simply don’t get to spend enough time together, one-on-one. After a very late lunch on Grand avenue, we headed over to Como Zoo’s Halloween Celebration: Zoo Bash! This is always a lot of fun…and it’s a fundraiser for the zoo we’ve come to love and visit so much! There were character penguins this year! Tiger was so excited. One penguin said, “Hey you are my cousin!” So then every time Tiger would see a character penguin or a picture of a penguin in the zoo, he would announce, “There is my cousin!” We even saw some fish…that we thought would be fun to pose with…under the condition that our favorite little penguin didn’t eat them! Happy Halloween!!