Commissioner Beverly

I’m proud to be a P & R commissioner. The Park and Recreation Commission acts as a liaison between the community and city government. We advise the council on maintenance, improvements, developing parks, programing, regulations and hold three free events per year (Pumpkin Patch, Santa Day and Egg Hunt) that we coordinate and run. Recreation rocks- as my Aunt Bev once said to me (yes, my namesake commented), who works for parks and recreation…albeit, another state. I have made a few good friends on P & R as well…Which really made Minnesota feel like ‘home’.

Park and Rec. is just as important as community schools- You’re city is only as good as the schools that are there and the community within. Parks encourage and bring a sense of community. Schools are always the hub when tragedy occurs or issues arise. Though our boys will probably never attend the school district here, Ashish and I still support it. As a matter of fact, last August I was asked to be a tri-chair for our last school campaign…which I was proud to be a part of.

We are fortunate to have a great view of one of our beautiful city parks from the comfort of our deck. We have a creek that runs through our property, and a pond on both views from our deck. Most days it’s like a bird sanctuary back there! We have fish in the creek, frogs, cranes, a loon and mink that love to play in the mornings.

I am also very fortunate that my husband values me and what I find important enough to volunteer for. Being that one of us are always with our children I consider my volunteering to be his volunteering as well.