Birthday Cake & Cookies

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, chances are he WILL want a glass of milk…

In the morning we went to Jada’s 4th birthday party and had a ball. Jada’s party was a Carnival theme, though this Mommy had her own princess theme in mind. With two little boys, it’s fun to shop for pinkalicious things every so often!

By 12:30 we headed off to the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis to see “If You Give a Mouse A Cookie.” In the lobby, before the show, staff had mouse ears for the kids to decorate along with self face painting. They wanted everyone in the audience to be a mouse.

We were front row, center- and literally ‘in’ all the action! I’ve never seen such excellent children’s theatre before. Not only was Nishad laughing, but I was right along side him giggling away! The actor that plays the mouse has a super-hero amount of energy! I can see why one of their shows went to the Tony’s last year. Bravo! Nishad seems to be really enjoying the theatre productions we’ve been to this summer.

Ashish worked from home on this day and took care of baby Arun. This was a special Mommy and Nishad day.