Giving Thanks

Growing up, Thanksgiving was a time to take a mini-vacation from school and feast upon Mom’s home cooking. It wasn’t a time for reflection. As I’ve grown, married the most wonderful man and our love perpetuated into the form of two little blessings, I have become reflective. I also feel incredibly blessed.

I recall the first Thanksgiving after my Mom was no longer with us on earth. I cooked for my entire family [my brother is 10 years older and sister 12 years older]. I was 17 and made a turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes [with marshmallows on top], salad, buns, cranberries, even chocolate cake. Basically, I replicated my Mom’s entire menu because I thought by keeping things just as they were for the holidays, I would in turn be keeping her alive. In which was partly true. However, I was “pretending” that a Mommy fairy came in and did everything and I wasn’t really facing the fact that Mom was…gone. I so wanted to fill my childhood house up with the love, laughter and light that my Mom’s presence instantly brought. My sister and her family came over, as well as my brother as his… I remember them taking food home with them and some comment from one of my siblings about how they didn’t need to take any turkey because they also made a turkey at home. They said something about enjoying leftovers. Here I was just hoping to enjoy their company.

The following Thanksgiving, I stayed home by myself because my sister her her own celebration and my brother had his own. They couldn’t decide where to have it, and they each wanted it at their collective homes. So, I felt like I didn’t have a place to go… I felt like an outsider looking in. They had their homes and their families… My Dad went to both of their dinners. Each of them later complained about who’s house my father went to first~ as if he were to play favorites. Maybe that wouldn’t have been an issue if they could have gotten their act together and just celebrated together. I sat alone, in the dark on the sofa in the living room watching pictures of family celebrations on the tv. My Dad came home and sat with me. We cried a little together. We talked about how my Mom would spend so much time cooking and reminisced so much over her menu, I thought I could smell the dishes cooking in the kitchen.

Never again will I have to sit alone on a holiday and feel as though my best moments were memories past. I am now able to live and make memories and new traditions, with my own families and share those experiences with my dear friends. In some ways, Thanksgiving is still about the food. haha. 🙂 I make a lot of my Mom’s dishes, with a twist. However, we also add an Indian dish and a tofu turkey! I think she’d be pretty proud to join us at our table.

We are thankful for the many blessings bestowed upon us:

All praise to God for…

~Our Health~Two wonderful, smart, beautiful little boys~Strong and loving marriage~Friendships/Family~Our home [and that we are not living in fear of losing it]~Food, on the table, and that we’ve never known hunger~That our children have never known any wants, and they we can provide for them~Our talents and skills~That I’m able to be a full time mother to our children and stay at home with them~That we can afford to start off Nishad’s education in the best environment~ That we take initiative to put family first and our children’s best interest above and beyond

All praise to God, the almighty, for his continuing guidance of ~opening our minds to parenting in his reflection~opening our minds to learning and building upon knowledge~opening our minds to free ourselves of prejudices and ignorance~opening our minds to daily miracles and endless possibilities~opening our minds to confidence, pride and freedom and courage to speak the truth and our mind~ …and that we live in a country that allows us to speak so freely

All praise to God for ~opening our heart to love ~opening our eyes to compassion~opening our hands to give and be generous~opening our soul to search and strive to be better human-beings

Special Blessings to those in our military who can not be with their loved ones. Special Blessings sent to those brothers and sister around the globe who are victims of injustice and violence…especially, in Bombay.

All praise to Mother Earth, for she is our perfect planet. A planet that sustains life in which we have air to breath and a harvest to prepare for such a feast!