Kolacky & Hoska

When ever I mention that I am craving a kolacky, people in Minnesota give me a bit of a confused look. “Did you say Kolacky?” Yes, but not any kolacky– a Vesecky’s Bakery kolacky back in Berwyn off Cermak Road. When I mention houska, it instantly gets another funny expression from people.

As a mater of fact, when I was pregnant with Nishad I was craving a strawberry kolacky (my favroite…I only like the cheese and strawberry) so bad that I found a bakery in Minnesota, New Prague, that make kolacky. *Lau’s Czech Bakery: 121 Main St W New Prague, MN*

Ashish and I took a day trip (2 1/2 hour drive to get there from our house) only to find that the bakery was closed. Devastation! While scouting the town, we noticed the plethora of Czech references. I immediately said to Ashish, “With so many Czech’s settling here, they are bound to have kolacky in their local grocery store!” I waddled in the grocery store and headed directly to the bakery department, which…had kolacky! However, they were the ones that were covered (not the open round ones). Disappointed, I left empty handed.

When I went back to Chicagoland for my baby shower, I stocked up and brought a dozen home along with two houskas. While driving back on a very hot summer day with my two friends, Vicki and Kelly, there was a “POP” in the car that startled us all. Vicki immediately said, “It’s the bread!” 🙂

Yes, houska is bread. It tastes similar to Hawaiian bread in the sense that it is a bit sweeter, but it has raisins and nuts on top. It’s great in the morning with a little butter on top accompanying with a cup of French Roast- Caribou beans, of course!

I have yet to find a “real” bakery in Minnesota. I now realize now how spoiled I was growing up in such a cultural mecca like Chicago. Being that Vesckey’s still operates as I imagine it did 40-years ago, they don’t ship bakery anywhere. Yes, they still package your bakery in little white boxes with string wrapped around them. However, I did find this place online, Zicha Meats, that ships their bakery for them. I haven’t ordered via Zicha, so if anyone does, let me know what your experience is like.