Overstayed Welcome, RNC!

I have always watched both the Democratic National Convention as well as the Republican National Convention. This year was no different. I was particularly interested being that it’s in my own back yard, so-to-say.

Regardless of who the next president or vice president is, they need to work with both sides of the isle and independents, the green party, etc. I was very put off by the mocking comments and hateful speeches that were aimed at not only at Obama and his party, but Democrats as a whole. The RNC was busy getting down and dirty, while the DNC continues to rise above.

As a democrat, I felt as though they were angry and hateful. If anything, us Dems should be angry after what the republicans have done to our country. But, we aren’t…anymore. Why? Because ‘hope’ is on the way. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, I don’t expect Obama to walk on water or perform any miracles. However, I do expect change. A change that far out weighs anything of Bush’s legacy.

I found it ironic that Gullini would mock the many ‘community organizers’ that work tirelessly in this country~ doing exactly what republicans don’t want the government to do. I also found the chanting of “Drill Baby, Now! Baby Drill, Now!” to be one step away from a gladiator appearing in a center ring, with a king poached above him ready to give the thumbs up or thumbs down signal while a hungry lion paces behind steel bars awaiting to enter the arena. Texas surely would have completed that picture with their hats if only they had a big BBQ spare rib hanging out of their mouths with a shot gun in their hand as they do a little barn-yard dance. Yee-haw! I don’t recall Michelle Obama snickering and smiling a cheap shots and jokes…ever, unlike Cindy Barbie Doll Mc Cain (Kelly coined that first!). Gullini also spoke about how no one mentioned certain words at the DNC because he thinks that they were afraid they were not politically correct and that they would offend people. Mr. Gullini, let me express to you that you offend me.

While the DNC was about unity~ across party lines, peace and respect, the RNC was about an Ax to grind. They are apparently very desperate. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. This year is the first year that I had to walk away and turn off the television. There is already enough mean people and things in the world. We don’t need more of the same old stuff.