24-Hr Rule

At the start of Nishad’s first full week of school, he caught a bug. Ashish dropped him off at 8:15AM and by the time I went to pick him up at 11:30AM, he had a fever of 100.1 (under the arm). His teacher said that she just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t himself. He sat in her lap and that’s when she felt how warm he was. Our little trooper. I’m sure it has to do with this crazy weather we’ve been having. That and the fact that he is now exposed to a whole new community.

While Nishad was at school today, I cleaned like I was never able to before. Arun and I had some great one-on-one time. I could tell he was looking for Nishad. He would crawl into the closest, crawl into the office, the bathroom, look up the stairs…

Speaking of stairs… We were all getting ready to have breakfast, when I said, “Where is Arun?” We heard faint little giggles of our happy camper, but we didn’t see him. We’ll he decided to take it upon his own to crawl up the flight of stairs by himself! We found him at the top, crawling between bedrooms, laughing and smiling. his chest was perched out like a little bird- he was very proud to show us that Nishad is not the only big boy in the house anymore! Ah!! 🙂