Shoveling Abound!

After listening to the weather forecaster, we thought for sure that Nishad would have school on Thursday as we were expecting a bunch of snow! Regardless, I’m convinced that the Wayzata school District never closes. (ha,ha) Luckily for us, the snow waited until about 11AM to begin. Ashish picked Nishad up from his pre-school and worked from home half day. The following day, they had school as well. However, the roads were fine…It was a fast system that dumped a lot of snow on us and then moved out quickly. Friday, after I picked up Nishad, the boys and I had lunch and then we went out to shovel some more. Needless to say, the both of them were not happy about the temperates and are more beach lovers than snow lovers! So, we headed in after about 30 minutes… I try to ’embrace’ the weather, at least in front of the kids. I’m really ready for Spring though! It’s a good thing March is right around the corner. I recall being in Florida 2 years ago the first week of March and having our flight re-scheduled because Minnesota got 18-inches of snow! I’m hoping this was our last B-I-G snow fall!