Tech Fest

We had a BLAST at Tech Fest! This was an event held in Edina for kids at the Community Center, presented by “The Works.” It was a free event, complete with presentations, exhibits, guest speakers and lots of chatter about math, science and innovation! I of course was reminded of a time when Ashish use to volunteer as a coach for a grade school LEGO’s Team. I think their team name was “The Techno-Hurricanes.”

Nishad’s favorite part was creating and designing a car. I helped him start it off, but then he had his own idea of what he wanted to do. His car was unbeatable! He had 10 year olds and 11 year olds asking him to race them and he won. Then they would ask him for a re-macth. He was pretty proud! We made a mini-hover craft and launched a rocket we made. We were even able to take the control of a robot! Pretty cool stuff for a 3-year old! Arun’s favorite part was the “Green Monster” robot that tossed a big red ball in front of him.

We stopped off at our favorite Indian resteraunt for lunch- Taste of India in St. Louis Park. We arrived hom and we ALL had a nap. How rare is that? After we woke up, I made falafels for dinner. yum! It was a perfect Saturday~