Weekend OF LABOR

No, despite the odd dreams I’ve been having that I’m pregnant again, this is not labor pains… it’s Labor Day Weekend Labor– Work, Work and more Household Work! This is the weekend Ashish and I set aside to complete all of the projects in the house that have been waiting for us since baby Arun’s arrival. Hmn. Tomorrow is another day! Nishad’s comments definitely provide support and motivation for us though. I love when he tells us, “Momma, you’re working hard. You’re doing a good job. It looks really nice.” Have I mentioned that he even compliments me on my hair, make-up and outfits? “Momma, you look nice.” What a little man. 🙂

Ashish did manage to clean and start staining the deck. We did a lot of relaxing though- which, we relished as we ordinarily don’t get to! Our neighbor’s grandson is visiting, so Nishad was in his glory with a pal right next door. They swam, played cars and yesterday they went on a wagon ride together. They were so cute together- holding hands and running into the pool.

We picked up a few items on Nishad’s shopping list for his classroom; 4 nanners, a dozen eggs and flowers. He also now has a big boy booster seat! We had to get an additional seat for him as Ashish will drop him off at school in the mornings on his way to work and Arun and I will pick him up.

His eye has been bothering Ashish and I. We thought we might be able to cancel surgery on the 11th, but it’s just not disappearing. To make matters worse, another bump is starting on the opposite eye now. I feel so bad for him. There is only so much patience for warm compresses a 2 year old can take. He’s so brave. At the store today he suddenly didn’t feel well. He got tired and started complaining to me. I picked him up a milk and a croissant thinking that the issue was hunger. We left quickly and by the time we came home, it was apparent our Nishad was not his typical self. Ashish thinks the heat got to him- even though he was merely outside just from the short walk from the car to the store. He hasn’t wanted to eat anything…though he did finally have a bit of dry cereal. We gave him Tylenol as a precaution as he was feeling warm. Hopefully, he’ll be good to go in the morning- little trooper! I bought some drops for my eyes as they are really irritated. Who knows? Allergies, or it could be something going around…
One small step for man, one giant step for Baby Arun! ha,ha. Arun took his first unsupported step! He did it twice. He hasn’t gotten over the one step though. As Nishad says, it’s “KA-BOOM” after the first step. He likes to walk pushing his choochoo train (that DOESN’T have an off switch) around the house though. Arun also made it down the step from the living room to the sunken kitchen all by himself! He’s added a few new words to his vernacular as well, “bed” and “baba.” He loves to move and groove- especially to music. I think he’s going to be musically inclined, like his big brother, Nishad. He *loves* to pull you close, hug and love on you! He’s such a snuggle bug!