3 Years Old

Our BIG BOY is now 3 YEARS OLD! Born 10-26-05 at 12:38AM ~ 9lbs, 1oz, 21 3/4 inches long!

Likes: Books, Trucks, Helping, Veggies, Gymnastics, Cooking, “Decorating”, Singing, Painting/Drawing, School with his friends, puzzles, animals, sounding out words and identifying letters, organizing, counting, discovered M & M’s, puppets, loves to tell stories, Mexican & Indian Food (top faves), dancin‘ with Mom and Baby Arun, loves to see himself in photos and on film, doing things for himself (dressing, putting shoes on and off, etc.)…
Current Favorite Book: “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afriad of Anything!”
Current Favorite Movie: We let him watch his first movie ever with us; Nemo. He’s not a movie type as he hasn’t been reared that way- he prefers books…and that is how we prefer it too! 🙂
Current Favorite Toy: Firetruck & building materials
Something that you wouldn’t know about Nishad: He does our flower arrangements, and can break-dance!
Languages: Hindi, English & Spanish from School
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Veggie: Matters!
Favorite People at school: Adam (he is 5 and one of Nishad’s best buds), Thomas, Brenda & Mary Beth