Election Baby

I feel so proud of our country! I have such a sense of patriotism. THANK YOU, OBAMA…and THANK YOU my fellow citizens! God Bless this amazing country.

A supporter from the start- and a Chicagoan at heart, I couldn’t help but feel emotional as the the traditional RED states turned BLUE. Not that red and blue matter anymore- as President Elect Obama is going to make them all PURPLE!

President Elect Obama has made our job as parents so much easier. He truly is the face of this nation… We are blended, come from various backgrounds, countries…religions, beliefs and philosophies. It is our diversity that has always given us strength. If someone with the name of “Barak” can be president, who’s to say “Nishad” or “Arun” can’t? Furthermore, by the time they are a bit older, their beautiful, cultural and well-thought out names given to them to reflect that they are not only American but have a connection to India will not even be an issue. By the time they are older, a person will be judged by their character, intelligence, heart and will…Not only their skin color. Endless possibilities. I think it also says something when the entire WORLD is excited about this change. Welcome, Back America!

It is also true, I am an election baby! What a gift to wake up with “my boys” seaside with the newspapers titled, “PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA.”