5 going on 6

I’ve decided to take one blog at a time…it’s a busy season for our household and my business: Priorities. I miss blogging, I do. However, I know I’ll return to it more regularly after the holiday rush slows to a light waltz again.

Nishad’s school continues to impress us. We aren’t allowing a public school system to dictate what our child’s curriculum is and by being pro-active, we are preparing him for a global society. Typically, Children born in October of Nishad’s age wouldn’t start pre-school until next year. It’s nice the Montessori environment is multi-aged, as he was very ready! This is evident across the board in his daily progress.

At last night’s parent education night, Nishad’s teacher shared with us that he is doing 5 to 6 year old work currently. That doesn’t surprise this Montessori Mommy, as we’ve prided ourself in cultivating a Montessori home from the start. However, it is soooooo nice to hear that all that extra effort and detail into rearing our child has started to pay off…for him, especially.

It’s an amazing feeling to see your child speak in multiple languages…even in one sentence. He simply loves books and frequents his library often throughout the day. His teacher also has no complaints about him, only praise. She said he is very well-behaved, peaceful, respectful and can be quite chatty one-on-one. He’s also very confident and secure. He loves his classroom and he has so many good relationships with his friends. He is one of the youngest in the class, and the older children (especially a boy named Adam, who is 5) treats him like a younger sibling.

It was not even a possibility for our family that our children would be reared in any sense of the word, “typical.” Yes…it was a lot of ground work- work that I am revisiting again with Arun, but we feel the worth outweighs the “work.” I feel so blessed that we are able to enroll Nishad in this school. Ashish is such an incredible provider. The boys and I are so lucky to have such a loving, generous and compassionate man in our lives.
Arun just got a toddler bed and loves it! On the fist day we put it together, he crawled up and went to sleep in it. His new thing is running around you and saying, “Tickle, Tickle!” and “Do get, Do get Do!” He adores Nishad…follows him around and sometimes is his partner in crime! He started eating at the small table with Nishad for lunch and breakfast. The high-chair we have is nice as the tray comes off and he can sit right at the table with us- which means we don’t even need a booster hooked up to a chair. I’m not sure why we didn’t so that with Nishad, but honestly, he was already eating independently with a spoon at his table, on his own by 11 months. I think we treat Arun more as a “baby” as we know he is our last one. So…we’ve taken our time…but now it’s come to a point where Arun sets the pace…and it’s going quickly!