Our friends arrived this morning. Two, fresh from the Ocean, off the shores of Maine, flown in…direct from sea, to boat, to plane, to plate! Okay, okay, we had to cook them too! But I don’t like to think about that part. This is the second time we’ve ordered them. We tried a different company this time. De-lobsterous! Yum. I know, I know..How could I? Would it help it I said we let them roam in the fridge before we cook them? It’s “suppose” to numb them a bit so they aren’t so…never mind.

For a side I made broiled veggies with garlic and Rosemary seasoning. For dessert, I made a homade New York cheese cake. Nishad was prompted to talk about Auntie Kelly because, after all, it IS a New York cheese cake! It was worth the effort! Creamy, rich…definitely not a time to count calories!

Ashish picked up Nishad from school today. It was great for Arun and I to work on sounds, play and climb! Ashish, Nishad and Saiful (Ashish’s co-worker) went out for an Indian lunch together (Yes! Arun and I were jealous!) and then checked out the new cell phones. My gift to Ashish this year is a new cell phone of his choice. Boy, does he need one! Being an IT Guru…he deserves it! The problem is, because he knows so much about how everything works…he is a lot harder to please than the average person. It may take him some time to decide. Since he already had the IPOD Touch, he doesn’t want an IPHONE. I can’t wait to see what choice he comes up with! By the time the guys came home, Nishad was asleep and slept until 5:30PM!
Next week Nishad’s school has it’s Thanksgiving Feast! I recall working in the two previous Montessori schools~ They always made the holidays meaningful, festive and always connected it globally. It was always an extra level of collaboration and unity for the children…as one community- the schools entire population. I’m so excited for Nishad!
I am VERY happy it’s the weekend. We had a busy week in our household!