Apples of my Eye

As easy as pie- or apple cake as it is in house this evening. My darling husband moonlighted as a pastry chef this evening with his talented and innovative assistant, Nishad. I went out for mere 45- minutes and when I returned, the aroma of something good baking in the oven lured me in, nose first. My guys made their very own apple cake!

Our neighbor, Kris, who has only been kind and nurturing toward us gave Nishad a Tastefully Simple Nana’s Apple Cake to make. He was so excited that he carried the box through the house for a few days as if to remind me that we need to bake it. This was the first time he and Dad baked together, without Mom. He must have been in 7th heaven with his Daddy at his side. There is no doubt that he loves me, but his Daddy is the apple of his eye- no pun intended! 🙂

This morning we took a bike ride. Back in June I purchased a bike trailor for the boys to ride in along with a new bike for myself with some of the proceeds from the garage sale I had (Yes, we were clearing out baby stuff). I really needed an adult bike- after having kids, things have changed… I described it to a few people as an old-lady bike. There’s no frills about it- and I love it! I guess it’s good that I went for the bike ride earlier being that there is cake in the house now!

Arun is really ready to walk. He loves to kneel on one knee and suddenly jolt up forward in the air as though he’s trying to spring to his feet. He cruises just about anywhere and everywhere. One of his favorite places to stand is at the patio window, looking out at the deck.

Nishad has been expectational and so loving toward Arun this week. He’s always made sure we include the baby in our prayers or if we mention we are going somewhere, “And baby Arun too!” However, he’s really starting to display his love for Baby Arun physically…in such sweet, precious moments.