Picnic at Daddy’s Work

We started the day with grins and giggles! Off to the park in our wagon we went. Both boys didn’t want to get off the swings. We’re lucky to have a neighborhood park literally a stones throw away from our house. Only one of the perks and reasons why we chose this house and lot.

By 10:30AM we were on the road! Destination surprise picnic style lunch with Daddy at his work! After calling Daddy we learned that his entire day was packed with meetings and he only had a time frame from 11:30AM-noon open. Perfect! The boys and I made a stop at Noodles and Company and hand picked lunch. There is a park trail, pond and golf course adjacent to Daddy’s work so we found a nice shady, grassy spot and had a beautiful picnic. We kept seeing all these employees coming out on their walks, run and bike rides..and here we were having a great dose of family-time in the middle of the work day.

We made a stop to a store after, and then headed back for home. It was already a bit beyond nap time. However, the nice thing about being a stay-at-home Mommy is that you can be flexible and let your kids take the lead. Sometimes, I admit, it feels like you are a slave to nap times, but it’s all relative. For the rest of the week, we are going to try to take it easy and hang out as a family. Life gets way too busy! In only 2 1/2 weeks, Nishad starts at his Montessori school!

Nishad, my garden assistant, was helping me harvest all the ripe veggies this evening. We picked out first zucchini! Hurray! We’ve had so many cucs, and the cherry tomatoes are so good that a lot of them don’t even make it in the house between Nishad and I. Nishad and I also spotted our first WATERMELONS growing! They are bigger than a golf ball now and a dark forest green. I think I may have to expand my garden sooner than next year. The watermelon and the cantaloupes are REALLY spreading out, so I’ll need to make additional room. Spread the love out…that’s right!