Bee Mine?

Our 7 day vacation at Walt Disney World inspired this years annual Valentine’s Day card. In the Magic Kingdom, the kids enjoyed meandering through Winnie the Pooh’s “environment.” They crawled through “honey,” climbed up on it as well, played in the tree house, rang the bell, had fun on the slides and marveled at the Autumn leaves on the big oak tree (bit of Disney magic at work!). This was the perfect setting for any Mom, let along photographer, who happens to be a Mom! Of course, this broke my tradition of using a song as a theme for our Valentine as in previous years. However, I’m a firm believer that change is…”sweet!”

Before we left for Florida we started to “prepare” for Nishad’s valentine celebration at school. Using different mediums, Nishad was to create a Valentine card for one person in the class. His Valentine was a 5 year old girl in his class- it was hard to keep it a secret for so long! We had a lot of fun creating this Valentine filled with layered paints in patterns, hearts, a flower, stickers, butterflies, a pink tower (Nishad’s first memory of her), fireworks and “X’s” and “O’s.” Adorable, if I may say so! I think his Valentine will be excited about it.

Nishad and I also found the cutest Valentine shirts. Being that he still “loves” the shirt that Auntie Kelly sent him and his brother (To Be Or Not To Be- with actual bumble bees in place of the be’s) he instantly liked the shirts at Children’s Place: “BEE MINE.” Of course, a cute little bee completed the picture! Of course, this Mommy has so much fun matching our boys. So, we had to purchase one for Tiger too! So, off he went to school on Friday, with treats in hand, dressed in his Valentine shirt, buzzing like a bee!

After school we had a special Valentine lunch date planned with his buddy in class at their house. Immediately upon entering the car Nishad quickly said, “Mommy, if you don’t know where he lives, just follow his Mommy’s car. They live in a yellow house, in the country. We’re going to have hummus sandwiches and a cupcake. Then we will play.” Obviously, he and his buddy had quite the conversation at school! haha! They seem to have everything planned out as well.

We had a great time with his friend, and his family. This is the second time the boys have been able to get together outside of school. They play so well together, and what is an additional benefit, is that Nishad’s buddy has a younger sibling, only about 6 months older than Tiger.

After, we headed home to find that Daddy beat us home! In fact, he had the entire house cleaned complete with two dozen roses awaiting our arrival! What a Prince. I had a nap while he played and fed the boys dinner before we were off to the theatre! Nishad was very excited to show us the Valentine from his friend and his teachers. Both were so cute! His teacher’s made everyone in the class one attached with a banana as they wrote they are, “Banana’s over them!”

We purchased second row tickets to see “The Gruffalo” at the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre. It was a 7:30PM show so I wasn’t sure how he would hold up (being that he already had an eventful day and missed nap). He did great! He was so excited driving to the theatre. Since we own the Gruffalo books, he was re-telling me the stories. We had fun guessing how each of the characters would be costumed. To my surprise, there was singing and dancing in the show. (Think British Punk Band.)It was interactive as well. We love the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre! This is our third show there- they never disappoint.