[ This is the Valentine that Nishad handed out to his friends at his school. ]
[Valentine’s Day, 2009 Annual Phototine Card]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re not much for Hallmark holidays and we believe there should be a bit of Valentine’s day throughout every day of the year. However, it’s nice to take a moment to pause and wish those special to you…a “SWEET” Valentine’s Day. Besides, the world needs more l-o-v-e!
Being that Bob’s Produce closed down, and I still had the $20 gift certificate that the city gave me for Christmas, we headed to Fridley (the original location). We purchased $40 in Alaskan King crab legs and another $10 in mini wild lobster tails. I made a big heart shaped Ghirdelli brownie, along with a heart shaped pizza for the boys. What can be better than being a peskitarian and having chocolate? Oh yeah…being with those you love!

Below- Nishad wishes a Happy Valentine’s Day!