Big Boy Date Night

In celebration of the beginning of the school year, my friend J and I treated our boys to a little Mommy – Big Boy – Date Night! Planned months ahead of time, we swung by and picked up the two J’s and headed off to one of our favorite places to eat dinner: French Meadows in Minneapolis. Delicious and oh so kid friendly! After dinner, we booked to the theatre to see, “Bert and Ernie Say Goodnight” at the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre. Loaded with tap dancing sheep, Z’s that need to be caught, songs and visuals to make anyone feel like a kid at heart…very cute and very exciting to be in the front row catching all the action just feet away.

Our Little Theatre-Goers armed with their play-bills. Of course we “had” to get them and their younger brother’s matching t-shirts form the show. They ALL wore them to school the next day. Now that’s a picture worth a thousand words!