Busy Bee

When I was an assistant in my 20’s at a Montessori school, the directress always told the children, “Are you a busy bee that is busy at work or are you a bumble bee that just flys around?” Nishad is our busy bee!

Now, here’s something to ‘buzz’ about… Nishad’s first day of school!

He proudly walked in with his new backpack (“forest patrol” with a bear on it- so cute and designed for toddlers), filled with his inside shoes and plant in hand. Immediately, he saw a familiar face, “Baby Balu!” (Which means bear in Hindi). We must have forgotten him at the ice cream social. Nishad and I thought it was funny that Baby Balu slept in the school over night. We walked him inside the class, kissed him goodbye and said “Have fun!” Off he went with his teacher in search of the perfect spot for his plant.
Ashish, Arun and I walked out of the building. I couldn’t help but tear up. Not that I didn’t feel secure about enrolling him, but I couldn’t help but feel emotional over yet another milestone- a BIG milestone.
Ashish, Arun and I headed to Caribou and it was so odd not to have Nishad with us. A lady from the school that also dropped her son off recognized us and we have a brief conversation. She asked if I stay home with Nishad. Then she made me feel good by acknowledging how hard that has to be for me as a Mom as I’ve been the only one with him and taking care of him up to this point.
Ashish and I are so proud of that too- that we were able to take care of our children until it was the right time for them to interact with their peers and go to school. I’m proud that we made the right choice. Ashish is an incredible provider and I try to do my part by rearing our boys so that they reflect our values and morals. We as parents are invested in our children so much that we consider it not a ‘job’ to rear them, but an honor.
Ashish and I sipped on our coffee, as baby Arun looked around for his brother. I couldn’t help but keep an eye on the clock. Ashish suggested we leave at quarter to, I quickly said, “twenty minutes to.” The trip back seemed so short. We pulled in the parking lot with other phase in parents awaiting their children. Ashish said, “Let’s wait two-minutes before we go in.” I quickly replied, “It will take you two-minutes to get Arun out of the car. Let’s go!” I could not wait to see my baby, hug him and let him tell me all about his experience.
The teacher opened the door and there trotted Nishad through the door as proud as ever. We greeted him with a big “Hello” and a hug. He started changing his shoes without being prompted. His teacher told us that he did really well- he didn’t cry even once. His teacher said that he even already started ‘work’ in the classroom. He found a place for his plant too- By the globes so everyone could see it. He told us that he even went poop there!
After we asked Nishad if he wanted to go to the Nature Center to see the frogs, turtles, snakes and birds. The boney bee’s exhibit is also on display. On the way there he filled us in on his day at school and we shared in his excitement. We took him out to lunch too. When asked where he wants to eat he’ll reply, “Jalapenos” – at which we know he wants Mexican!
Last night when I tucked him in bed, he told me that he wanted the blanket that my Grandma Bessie made me. So, I re-told him the story of how she made it with her own hands. I told him of how it was my special blanket that I felt safe under when I was a little girl. Then he replied, “And Daddy?” I said, “What about Daddy?” He said, “He was safe too?” I smiled, “I didn’t know Daddy yet.” In which he said confused, “No?” I gave him a hug and told him that I met Daddy when I was older because God knew that he and his brother Arun were suppose to be here on earth.” With that he gave me a big dinosaur kiss.