Ice Cream Social

This evening I loaded up the kids and met Ashish at Nishad’s pre-school for our first social gathering; an ice cream social. Ashish’s work is only a few minutes away from Nishad’s school. Ashish was quite the social butterfly! He met someone that works with him and another person that went to the same college as him back in India. There were so many families from various backgrounds. Everyone was so nice and the children were so well mannered, calm and so content.

When we entered the building, we headed right to Nishad’s classroom to show him where it was and to meet his teacher personally. He instantly felt comfortable in the classroom. He picked up the number rods and was ready to go to work! This is not only a credited Montessori School, it is also an AMI school. This means that they not only prescribe to a holistic approach, but everything, even the architecture of the building has to adhere to AMI standards. Everything is designed with the children in mind.

After he met his teacher, we headed upstairs to the ice cream social. The event was held in the outdoor environment, which is amazing and huge! It definitely could be in a magazine- though this garden is for the children. We chatted with some wonderful parents. People we just met even took turns holding Arun. He certainly made his rounds today- and we were appreciative of the respit. Ashish learned a lot about the Wayzetta and Osseo school district from people that live there. Nishad played and played in the sand environment.

When we told Nishad is was time to leave, he surprised me…he started to cry and say that he didn’t want to go. I reassured him that we would be back tomorrow as his first day of phase in begins. He stopped to greet the directress, while Arun was ready to jump out of Ashish’s arms into hers. We made a last stop back at the classroom again to say “Goodbye” to his teacher. Nishad surprised me again…after showing him where the bathroom was, he used it! 🙂 His teacher told him that there is another little boy in class that shares the same birthday as him. Nishad was still wanting to linger (which is good, right?!), and when we told him we had to get going and we would be back in the morning, he became a bit sad again. His teacher said, “Don’t forget to bring your plant. You’ll have to find a place for it tomorrow!” How could he forget the plant he picked out with Mom a few days ago? He wanted to bring it with tonight.

I feel very confident that he’ll do great…it definitely will be harder on me than on him. He’s only been with Mom. It’s a good thing though…He’s an amazing person and the school seems to be wonderful. They were made for one another!