Fire Pit Craving

Last summer, while I was about 7- month pregnant, I had an idea that became obsessed with. “We need a fire pit- and we need it now!” Well, I didn’t quite phrase it like that to Ashish, but needless to say, we loaded up Nishad and ended up at our local chain home and garden store with a 10% off coupon in hand. I ‘supervised’ as Ashish made a circle of bricks in the isle that was exactly what this pregnant woman needed. No, I didn’t crave pickles or ice cream, but a fire pit.

After numerous trips from the car to the backyard (which Ashish earned his cardio workout for the day as we have a walkout basement- so it’s not an easy task), I began digging and clearing a section in our yard for our pit. Yes, we have rock star plans for our yard, but we’ve always agreed it will come in phases. This was just one of those phases- with odd timing. Being that I wouldn’t stop until it was done, I waddled in around 9PM that night. Though I couldn’t really admire my work from our deck, I knew it was out there- And that was enough to give this pregnant lady a sense of satisfaction that I could dream about.

This Spring we continued on with DYI phase two of our fire pit. We added a seating area and landscaping. We had our first bonfire last month. I came prepared with S’More fixin’s in hand. Ashish doesn’t like them and Nishad only likes the chocolate bar. At least we were all able to enjoy the fire pit together. *This picture is from May, 2008.