Nishad shows off “his” car. Somehow he inherited it before his time. He digs the mustang and asks to ride it in. Car seats and fastbacks aren’t a successful combination.

I can see he and his brother in future years, cruising’ around. There’s something about an antique classic that gives you an instant appreciation and respect for the past.

I’ve had this car since I was 19 years old. My Dad restored it for me and I drove it every day. Windows wide open, hair flying around…nothing like a ride in a mustang on an open road! Amazingly enough, despite my lead foot, I never once got a ticket while driving this car. I met officers, yes…but never a ticket. One even waved at me as he suddenly ‘appeared’ from a corn field on my way back from visiting my friend Kelly who was then at school in Macomb, IL. I waved back and eased my foot off the gas.

This car has made it’s journey form Chicago to Minnesota…I’m not sure if we ever will sell it now.