Monday Already?

It’s Monday already? This weekend I ventured out into my garden again. I’ve gotten so busy with photography/design projects that I have had to neglect my garden a bit. Thank goodness for the rain! I love my veggie garden, though I’m still not quite sure I understand it. In time… I went out and passed off some herbs to a friend and tomatoes to my neighbor. With the night temperatures dipping so low, it won’t be long before it’s all gone.

Despite being sick this weekend, I was also able to plant 9 new shrubs in the front of our house. If you’re keeping tabs, that completes phase two of the front of the house. Next Autumn (2009) we’ll add one more tree, and then we are done, done, done. It will be nice to sit back and watch it all grow- as we’ve finally been able to do with our backyard. I am so excited about the burning bush shrubs– they look fantastic! I’m glad I put them around the fire pit. Believe it or not, my climber (crimson) is still in bloom! It bloomed all Spring, Summer…and it’s still holding on. All of our trees in back gained a lot of height this season. They are starting to look amazing as the foliage peaks. I love standing on our deck and looking in both directions to see the reflection of the trees in the two ponds. Just beautiful.

Tomorrow Nishad is going to bring some veggies to school from our garden, including a mini-watermelon and melon. His classmates and teacher just love our home grown stuff. We’re happy to share.

We have a busy week. After work tomorrow, Ashish is heading over directly to Nishad’s school as there is a parent function in the evening that begins at 6:30PM. Wednesday, after I pick up Nishad from school, we have an eye doctor appointment. That evening, I have a park and recreational meeting. Thursday morning, I have a ‘Parent Coffee with the Director’ at 8AM at Nishad’s school. Ashish will bring Nishad and Arun when it’s time to drop Nishad off. Baby Arun can stay with me the remainder of the time. Thursday night I was invited to a party, but I had a previous commitment, so I’ll see if I can juggle both.

HEROES is on tonight! I can’t wait until tomorrow when Ashish comes home! We watch in on Netflix– no commercials that way and the kids are subjected to any tv. Yeah, leave that mindless stuff to the adults, thank you! Ashish is so cool. I love the way he can fix and maneuver things. He hooked up one of our lap tops to the big tv in the living room- it’s great to be able to watch things in the comfort of our home, on our time schedule.

We finally decided what we are doing for the boys birthdays- besides going to the best celebration on earth…DinseyWorld! 🙂 I am really looking forward to some R & R after in Cocoa Beach…some good, quality, family time! In a little over 2-weeks…but who’s counting? 🙂

On a side note, I heard from a good friend of mine today, Vicki! She and I lost connection for a while….we’ll touch base in the morning and catch-up. I can’t wait to for her to fill in the gaps for me!

2nd Debate tomorrow night!