School days

How can it possibly be October…already? In only 24 days Nishad will be 3 years old! In only 28 days Arun will be a 1 year old! Only 6 days after that, and I turn radiant again as it’s another older, more experienced and hopefully wiser year for me.

Ashish return home last week from SFO. He brought back the boys the most adorable cable cars. Nishad already ‘investigated’ it and took part of it apart- my little creative scientist! Arun was happy “Vrrrrrrom Vrooooming” the cable car around the house. My Love brought me back the cutest purses from Chinatown! Of course, the BEST thing Ashish brought back was himself! 🙂

Saturday I was out the door as I had a booking. We had a low key weekend as I was swamped with orders to complete and Ashish needed some recovery time (I did too for the record~ Still waiting on that! ha,ha.) The boys are just now getting back into the groove of things. Nishad kept asking if Daddy was coming home, or if he went on a plane again to California.

I bow down to single Moms. Yes, I know you have to do, what you have to do. It still doesn’t take away the fact that what they do on a daily basis is pretty incredible. For me, this week was really interesting as I choose to stay at home (as a stay-at-home Mom) with my kids, and therefore had no respite -around the clock. Between cooking, cleaning, baths, bedtimes, playing, daily rituals…who has time to think about Mom’s needs?

Arun is our little chatter box! He no longer walks- but runs. haha. He’s so funny with that big diaper on…running. With the cost of diapers increasing ($46/box yesterday!), we’ll be potty training him early- or waiting until his diaper is to his knees. haha.. Just kidding! He can hold his own with his brother now and sure lets Nishad know if he is in disagreement of a decision Nishad has made. I made the mistake of telling Arun something wih Nishad in ear shot a few days ago while changing him. For the next few hours all I heard was, “Arun, you are a poop machine!” Of course, then he would try to validate his comment by saying, “Everyone eats! Everyone poops!” As if to tell Arun, “Hey, Brother…it’s all good!”

Nishad, lover of puppets and books has now evolved into quite the creative story teller! He enjoys telling us all stories he creates, and even “reads” to us. The things he says and how he says it so nonchalant really make me appreciate this stage even more so. I picked him up from school a few days ago and he said, “Mama, a fly was in the car!” I rolled down the windows and turned around to look at him and said, “Where is it?” He replied, “It’s gone now.” I said, “Oh, it flew out?” He replied, “Yes, the fly fluttered away.”

At pick-up, his teacher escorted a very happy Nishad to our car. He had a smile filled with pride on his face and a hop and a skip in his step! He was very excited to show me the “work” he brought home. On Monday, he brought home some artwork as well. This is a treat for Dad and I as normally, Montessori students don’t bring work to show as it’s not about the product, but the process.

Since the beginning of school Nishad has been speaking about “Thomas.” Of course, this set off a red flag in my book. I thought, “Wonderful! We take the extra effort that we don’t clutter his mind with cartoons/commercialism and he goes to school and learns from his peers about it.” So, I asked him a very dumb question on my part. “Nishad, is Thomas a train?” He looked at me as though he was taken aback, “Mama, that is so silly. Thomas is my friend. He is not a choo-choo!” Well, during pick-up, I meet Thomas and his mother. They are indeed- not a family of choo-choo’s. However, they are a very nice family.

We have parent education night coming up next week, and coffee with the director of the school next week from 8am-9am. Hopefully, Arun will find the open coffee chat as interesting as I do.

On a side note, Nishad has been all a buzz over decorating for “Pumpkin Day!” He put up all the window clings by himself and found a spot for our other decorations throughout the house. Ashish and I got out the other night and put some lights up outside that Nishad picked out at the store. Purple icicles and an orange spider web.

As for me, I have yet to get out to my garden and wrap things up for the year. I feel a bit cheated as we really had a long winter and a shorter summer this year. Oh well, no control over that. I had Ashish start the lawn mower yesterday so I could finally mow the lawn. He said it needed oil. I tried to start it while he was gone to surprise him that the lawn was already mowed- no such luck. I’m looking forward to the VP debate tonight. After being bombarded by Facebook invites for the last few years (Ashish doens’t like those sites), I finally registered. Not too sure how adamant I will be at keeping that up, but it is another way to keep in touch with so many of you scattered about that I love! 🙂