The Real Football!

Mommy’s little soccer player! I always knew you had a strong kick, Nishad! (Trust me!) Our friends, and neighbors (Krista and Presten) organized a tot soccer class this past June. They did a great job! It was such a hoot to see all the little ones out on the field together. My how they all grow over the winter!

The class was held every Monday for 30-minutes, right in our backyard- the park! What a great way to utilize the park…

Nishad *loves* “Kiss-ta” and even calls her on his cell phone. “What’cha cookin’ for dinner, Kiss-ta? When are you comin’ over?” Jaxson, their son (who was born in August a few months before Nishad), is very high on Nishad’s list of VIP’s!