Father’s Day

The joys of being a Daddy! We celebrated Father’s Day by staying downtown in Saint Paul overnight. We had dinner and then Nishad took Daddy to see “Walking With the Dinosaurs” at the Excel Energy Center. Nishad came back to the hotel roaring like T-Rex. Ashish said that the BBC production was well done. Mommy made sure they had awesome seats too- they were 7 rows back. Nishad knew that the dinosaurs were puppets, a new favorite past-time of his! http://www.dinosaurlive.com/

The following day we walked across the bridge to Harriet Island. There are no coconuts there. We boarded a cruise down the Mississippi. I refrained from supplying the entertainment for the 90-minute boat ride in fear passengers would make me walk the plank after hearing my version of “Oh Man River.”