In previous years we would spend a week in Bemidji, a week in Duluth and a weekend stay in Saint Paul for the summer. However, this year we decided to skip the road trips and enjoy the only nice season Minnesota really has to offer- summer! Now is not the time to “go away” but instead, soak in as much of the benefits of having a wonderful backyard. In turn, we’ll save Ashish’s weeks of vaca time to make a b-line for warmth during the winter months (preferably January!). That’s when we all really need a vacation!

The plan was to just enjoy the kiddos last summer without being enrolled in school (Nishad starts his second year of preschool and Tiger will join him, across the hall, in the toddler community this Autumn!). Exciting times for the boys- and for me, as I will have three hours for me in the mornings. Whether it’s going back to school to venture down a different career path into ‘communication studies’ (which coincides with the non-verbal art form of photography and much of the PR I’ve already experienced in addition to my love of writing) or even an exercise class. This will be the first time in almost 4 years that I will have this special time, once again.

…However, I booked us a little getaway. We, as a family, really needed to get away from the stress of things back home. I went from having pneumonia in May (Mother’s Day) to finding out, the last day I was on meds, that my sister passed away. I was in Chicago for the wake and funeral, which all took a toll on me and now I’m still dealing with issues that my sister didn’t take care of. On top of it all, my Dad shared with me that he has a brain tumor. SO. It was time to just take a break- and remember what is really important and value all that is so precious in life.

We headed off to Duluth and stayed at a different place this year; The Edgewater Waterpark and Resort. The kids enjoyed the waterpark, but honestly, I would have rather paid more money and stayed at the Inn on Lake Superior. Being right in the midst of Canal Park is lovely and the hotel is well kept up, has a great staff and so many extra perks that make being a guest memorable. The Edgewater was the loudest hotel we’ve ever stayed at, the rooms weren’t that great and the waterpark was rather dark. However, we were together- that’s really what mattered!

While visiting Canal Park I was interviewed by the local news station about “What it means to me to be American.” Pretty fun! Nishad wasn’t phased at all…he just kept chomping away on his sammy as Mom chatted on and on! 🙂

We headed back home in time for the 4th– with a big “TO-DO” list! Isn’t it always when you own your own house? It’s good to have a house…so I won’t complain.