Zoo Days

We had a fantastic time with the D’s today hangin’ at Como Zoo and Conservatory! We were even able to get some family pics in- we’re such productive families! It was a joy to watch E and Nishad ride the rides together. They are growing at such a similar rate- it’s so much fun to witness.

It was literally a “zoo” there today! We even had an unfortunate experience while leaving. We put the kids in a car and started to load our stuff when all of a sudden, a man on a cell phone started talking about how he was going to “save this space.” Well, another man in a car that had been waiting all the while we were loading the kids, stroller, etc. approached him and said, “I’m sorry, Sir. What did you say?” The man quickly went on about “THIS” space was saved and no one else can have it. I thought, “Is he serious?” Apparently so! I quickly told Ashish, let’s get out of here (which would also help the guy so his wife can pull in the spot) as who knows what would happen. Then, Ashish told me that the guy (saving the spot) called the other guy a terrorist! He said, “So now I’m a terrorist because we were waiting for this spot?” AMAZING! Such ignorance among us.