Turtle Lake & Resort

Sand “Turtling” at Acadia Resort on Turtle Lake

Seven complete days of northern bliss. In a cabin, on a hill overlooking Turtle Lake, just a short few steps to the beach, I understand the draw one feels to live here. On the edge of the Chippewa Forest, 40 minutes from Grand Rapids, this resort is very secluded~ It’s also one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Minnesota.

This is one of the Islands on Turtle lake. There are actually little summer houses on it. Beautiful!

Nishad was so happy at the lake. Here he pauses briefly to give me some love.

We lost track of the amount of fish we caught. Seriously! We must have had beginners luck, as this was our first time fishing. Here is one of a few Nishad caught. He even started helping me bait them. Ashish even has a “the fish that got away” story to share. He had a big Northern Pike on his line, but we didn’t get the net over to him…and thus, dinner swam away!

Fishing on a boat as opposed to the pier definitely changes ones perspective. It was a lot harder to do on the boat!

Yup, another!

Tiger preferred helping Daddy drive the boat. He especially liked when it went FAST!

He also liked to clean the swimming pier. His Montessori teachers would be so proud! We’re also glad we invested in the boys life jackets. While fishing, Tiger fell off the pier backwards. I like to think of it as the day I caught a 38lb fish! He still recounts the story, play-by-play, adding that the fish were trying to nibble at his toes!

Nishad taking us for a spin.

Breakfast in our cabin. The cabin had a full kitchen with all the comforts of home.

The view of the Resort from the boat. It has something for everyone. Nishad even learned how to Kayak by himself! There is a neat history associated with this resort too…a Chicago connection! Al Capone use to stay here on his way to and from Canada. They would pay off the local Sheriff so they could gamble.

We made the mistake of going to a very small town, Big Fork, to get our groceries. We ended up paying $175.00 for 4 days worth! In addition, a few days later, I drove to Grand Rapids and spent about about $75, for better, name brand food. There is a place to eat on site, which we did do one night for $30. They also have a gift store and bait. We also found out that since Nishad is over the age of 3, he was an additional $100 for the week on top of the weekly cabin rental. We thought that was rather steep.

All in all we had a fantastic time! I’m not sure we’ll be back here though as there are SO MANY resorts in Minnesota. I think we want to test a few out before we settle on one. The next place we stay will be a bit closer, and they will have more of a variety of shops and places to eat– perhaps all-inclusive. The owner, a retired air force pilot, and his two adult children, are very nice– especially Casey, who let use take the boat out which made for a most memorable trip!