Summerland with a side of Splash!

Tiger and I have the same taste.
Nishad has already developed a bit of a “lead foot.” For him, 16 can’t come soon enough. My next campaign is to lobby to raise the driving age to 18. It’ll buy me a few years at least. Ha!

Ahoy, Tiger! There are no peddles on these. The attendant simple starts them up and then they are able to steer their boat.

I remember doing this as a kid. The feel of water running in between your fingers…That cool, crisp reminder of living in the moment and enjoying every second.

“The need for speed.” Again…18 sounds good.

St. Cloud’s Summerland will leave your little ones feeling as though they are on cloud 9! This is one of the few amusement parks that has kiddie cars and kiddie bumper boats for children ages 3-7. It’s a small business, and also has miniature golf on site along with an outdoor water slide, batting cages and adult bumper boats and go carts, with an arcade inside the main building. Each kiddie ride is around $3.50 for 5 minutes.

After having some fun at Summerland, cool off at a free Splash Pad! There are three in St Cloud. In near by Waite Park, there is one that was just completed– a $665,ooo investment for endless giggles and smiles on a hot summer day. A chunk of this capital came from a fund from former Council Member Dan Butkowski who died in a car accident in 2005. He was known for being a family advocate, who hoped the city would have a splash pad installed. A plaque near the splash pad reads, “Thanks to everyone for their support and generosity in keeping Dan’s dream alive.” I’m sure he knew all along the joy this splash pad would bring to young…and “not-so-young” alike. Rest in Peace, Mr. Butkowski.