Celebrate USA

Duckies: Under a Bridge

The Dancer: Tip-Toes

The Race: Too Close To Call

Chaos: Finds a Rhythm
Of course, I “could” have taken regular pictures of the Duluth Fire Works Display (ranked the #1 spot in the state to see them), however, I was in the mood to light up the sky through my own eyes to mark the occasion. After all, this was no ordinary 4th of July…This was the 1st of many 4th of July’s to come in which my husband gets to celebrate as a United States Citizen!

Tigers, Zebras and Photogs!

I packed up the kids and headed to pick up our friend after she got off work today at 1PM. Our mission was to explore with our cameras with the boys in tow at Como. I wasn’t too sure how they would do, being that normally, they are napping by then. Nishad was a little confused when we pulled up to his school. ha,ha. I think he thought vacation was over!

The boys were such troopers! And, occasionally, they even were our little models. (Of course!) My favorite shoots came from the most colorful flamingos- YES! Flamingo’s in Minnesota…