Strawberry Fields Foreva!

There is something about a sun-kissed berry on a warm summer day that melts away your cares that makes your mouth happy. Though we have a small patch in our organic garden, I thought the boys would get a kick out of picking strawberries at a farm. I’m pretty sure Tiger ate more than he picked. Nishad was all about comparing the colors to find the most ripe in a deep red hue. After a short drive home, we came home to feast upon more berries…and more berries…all $5.90 worth were gone in a day. But, we did decide to make a fresh strawberry coffee cake too!

I highly recommend “Apple Jack’s Farm” for an all around family fun experience. They are some much more than just apples! The three of us ate lunch in the bakery/cafe for $20.00. It was surprisingly tasty! One of the women that works there even came out to our table to see if everything was good. On a side note, the “cow train” is up and running daily as well.