Spring in Feb

Seriously…who couldn’t use a little “Spring” in the middle of winter? Tiger and I feasted with our eyes upon the vibrant colors! The air was fragrant with the sweetest of lilies and azaleas. It gave me a sense of hope that Spring…new beginnings…was soon on it’s way. Well, at least in another 4 months for those of us that live in Minnesota. If only there were 6 weeks of winter left! Mr. Groundhog, perhaps that is true for the rest of the country. However, it’s not true here. It’s not that it’s been a particularly cold winter, but it’s been a long winter. Our first snow was October 13th. Things can always be worse- and as I’ve learned, much, much colder. So, I shall remove myself from my soap box. What a great treat the Como Conservatory blesses us with! Tiger and I enjoyed some one-on-one time here today for lunch, a visit to the animals and lots of hugs and kisses!

A fairy landed just in time for me to snap a picture.

A little curtsy before the Queen.