2 Harbors

Time stands still for those who toss rocks. Of course, Daddy captivated them by showing them how the rocks can dance.

Our Sailor “boys” on the lookout at the light house.

One Mighty Vessel docked in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

The Pier adjacent to the Light House.

Our Little Captain was all a buzz with the ship loading process and mechanics of the light house.

Visitors can purchase a ticket to see the historic Twin Harbor’s Light House up close and personal. However, our boys were all about the vessel docked, the pier and the rocks! A 20 mile drive from Duluth (unless you encounter construction/traffic), makes this for a fun lunch time activity. We passed on the famous “Betty’s Pies.” I know, how could we, right? We’ll the truth is that we stopped there a few years ago, and it was nothing to write home about. It was more of an over-rated tourist trap, and there are way better places to eat on the North Shore. Perhaps, it’s time to make a homemade pie, with fresh seasonal fruit at home!

WOZ Promo

Follow the yellow brick road to the Minnesota Children’s Museum where you’ll find that “somewhere over the rainbow” is actually in our neck of the woods! The Wizard of Oz exhibit runs from June 12th and blows out of here on September 12th. That’s plenty of time for you to brush up on your lollipop guild lyrics and dust off your ruby reds.

The Kids and I were fortunate to be invited to help film a promo to be aired on PBS for the exhibit. It worked out really well because it was the perfect rainy summer day- typically, we would have headed to the Minnesota Children’s Museum anyway! Even though the boys have never watched the Wizard of Oz, they enjoyed all the hands on displays and colorful atmosphere that generates energy! Some things I loved as a Mom:

1. Even though I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old there were enough varying things that they each gravitated to something- even a 30 “something” Mom was excited to play.

2. I loved the way the room was arranged. I actually could sit back and let the boys explore without worrying that I couldn’t see them in my view or that I would lose one of them.

3. The exhibit down-plays the “scary” wicked witch and monkeys. Let’s face it, there are scary enough things in life. The “dark side” was represented by the wicked witches castle that had low lighting on it and a spider web that older kids could climb. My 4 year old was ecstatic that he could climb to the top by the torch.

Thank You to the Minnesota Children’s Museum for having a brain to get this exhibit here, the courage to let everyone freely explore without fear and a heart for sharing this with us all!