Nishad and his best friend.
Tiger shows off his loot.

Lil J: Swing-batter-batter!

“Sweet” …In Every Sense!

Tiger: “You’ve got a date with a bat, Mr. Ball.”
Some more pre-game fun!

The Man that makes amazing balloon creations!
“Sting like a bee!”

S-s-s-s-super cute painting.


Nishad finally got his wish: to go with his friend J to a baseball game! Ashish was actually invited by one of the vendors he works with to attend a Saint Paul Saints game party, complete with tix, BBQ, games, prizes, face-painting, balloon creations…and good old fashion fun! Of course, this experience wouldn’t be complete without good company! So the J’s and Ashish’s friend from work joined us.
Tiger was not in the mood to sing “take me out to the ball game.” No, Sir. He didn’t last very long into the actual game. I actually turned to Joogie and said, “Can’t they have a kid-friendly game like theatres have shows (45-1 hour productions)?” Yes, I’ve become one of those Moms– You should alter the e-n-t-i-r-e game of baseball to accommodate my children…thank you. Ha! We actually made a home run before everyone else left…I wouldn’t say we struck out…but rather, Tiger was burnt out for the day!
Midway Stadium has a unique feeling reminiscent of days long past. The atmosphere is fun and the fans are friendly. There’s plenty of snacks to go round and more substantial grub can be found under the “Pig Tent.”
I’ll forever fondly recall the Butter Kernel section were my boys experienced their first baseball game. Does summer get any better than friends, cotton candy and a baseball game? I think not. Well, ok, maybe the fact that it was all free did make it an even sweeter deal! ….Sssswiiiing!