Home of the Brave

Tiger didn’t like it when the police k-9’s started barking
A few of the 60 K-9’s on hand.

All smiles!

Proud “future” fireman!

There were no 5 alarm fires, only smiles a glow! Most of you know that Mr. Nishad has raved about wanting to be a fireman since he was 3 (He was a fireman for Halloween that year- too cute to boot!). So, whenever there is an opportunity to learn about them or see on up close, we do our best to accommodate his inner….burning….desires. Since then, he’s added “doctor” to fireman…all good in my book! His overall message, “he wants to help people.” I think that’s pretty inspirational from a 4 year old. There was recently a Statewide safety display of fire, police and county departments held at the St Michael-Albertville middle school (free to the public). There was also a K-9 show which features 60 dogs– pretty impressive. However, the “star” of the show were the firetrucks. The boys wore there “Home of the Brave” shirts as we feel all those that are in the line of service to protect others are very brave and deserve acknowledgment, respect and appreciation. A reporter from the Crow River News took a picture of Nishad “driving” the firetruck. Yes, Mr. Nishad made the paper! Overall, hands on fun for all! Thanks, Wright County!