Cabin in the City

When you come to a fork in the road, often times, one path is a safe, familiar route and the other is fueled by taking a risk. We took a risk.

We rented out our home in Otsego and found a rental in Edina to live in while we search for our “cabin in the city!” While most people purchase their second homes up north, Otsego was as far north as we wanted to own property. So, we went closer to the city- an outter ring suburb of the Twin Cities.
Back in January we started touring schools and interviewing principals after we narrowed our list from our research down to two districts: Edina and Wayzata (Plymouth, Medina, etc.). If we were not move, our number was reason for the move was the school district. Everything else came secondary. Edina offered everything we had dreamt of and more. Our back-up plan? If our house didn’t rent to the right family, we’d continue to live in Otsego and for 1st grade, we would continue to send our children to a private school. With two private schools in mind, we’d be paying $10K for each of our boys per year– which in reality, is pretty much what we pay now for their Montessori School. We’d simply have to make the commute– continue spending $600-800 a month on gas.
After 6 applications submitted in the first four days our house was on the market, we singled out what we believe to be the perfect family for our house in Otsego. We found a place to rent, while looking for a second house. We’re currently living in 1300 square feet, and paying about the same as our mortage in Otsego. We had a POD being stored full of half our house. While renting is different than what we are use to- it’s only temporary and a means to a longer solution. To be honest, we are embracing all the time we suddenly because we don’t have to maintain a house. Our quality of life has changed dramatically for the better. We are suddenly in a city that has everything within 5 minutes of us. We have tons of parks, trails, mature landscape, top-notch schools and community education programs. The people here are also so amazing- they are so invovled in the process of the city and the school (it’s a partnership). The boys love living much closer to the Montessori School (Nishad will complete his K year at the Montessori School and then we’ll transition him to public). We have plans to get Tiger in to the French Immersion School. We’ve seen a few houses- but nothing that made us want to make an offer. We’ve got some time…which is a good thing!
Move in weekend, there was a pit-fall…I had gotten strep and bronchitis! The following week after living here, Ashish left for a convention in Boston and the week after California. So– that was a little stressful on our household. But, I think things are leveling out…and feeling “normal.” The boys did amazing with the transition. Better than me, I think! They have to share a bedroom now, which at first Nishad wasn’t crazy about (Tiger was THRILLED!). However, I think it has brought them even closer. They both had input on how they wanted to decorate their rooms and the placement of things. Nishad is enveloped with sports, so he wanted a sports room. Tiger, on the other hand, saw some “Cat in the Hat” decorations that called to his inner cat.

Thanks to the friends from Ashish’s work that helped us move & to all those that offered to help- even by watching the kiddos!