Stress Free Friday

The perfect way to end the week and start the weekend…a picnic style play date! My friend came over with her little guy- dressed adorably in his red wings jersey (he was very quick to tell me all about the playoffs for Stanley Cup). The boys played so well together. So well, she and I had a nice time catching up. After we played at the house, we hung out at the park and then came back and had ice cream. When they left, the boys actually walked themselves up to their beds to nap. Ha! Every play date should be as fun and stress free!

Best Buddies

Now that school is out, it’s time to mark the occasion with some summer fun at Elm Creek with the three J’s! We meet at the playground. The boys loved the big slide and being able to have such a large perimeter to explore. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, it will warm up so we can take a dip in the water at the beach too!
Mama J and I need a play date of our own as we spend the majority of the time chasing our boys– we take turns following the younger two or the older two (as they are always going in opposite directions it seems!). After we had a picnic and took a nature walk. We can’t wait until next week!! We look forward to our weekly dose of J’s!