Back-to-School with Glasses and Water

Online, or rather Distance Learning for our kids this year means two super important items were added to personal our back-to-school supply list; Blue Blocking Glasses and a 64 ounce water bottle.

Blue blocking glasses protect eyes against harmful blue light and UV. Even at my age, I still have perfect vision. My kids recently had their vision tested and they have perfect vision too. So, I’m trying to do what I can to keep it that way. I picked up two pairs by Livho for $16.98. At that price, I’m not going to be worried if they lose them or break them– I can order more. Given their schedules require the to be online in front of a screen from 8:30a.m. to 2:45p.m., they will certainly come in handy. (I’ll leave healthy screen time thoughts for another post.)

Have you ever researched out much water you or your children should be consuming a day? (No, Diet Coke and coffee don’t count.) I recently came to learn that that at this age, my boys should be drinking 64-ounces of water a day. Of course, you can use a regular cup from the cabinet and drink water. However, I wanted something they could fill up before school starts each morning to give them a visual reminder to drink water while fostering independence (instead of Mom reminding them). It helps them be accountable for their own health. I came across a design by Opard for $14.99 that I love as it not only gives you a nudge as to when you should be drinking water to set you up for success but it gives you a little inspirational push.

In addition to these two deposits into their future health bank, because they are sitting so much while attending their online classes, as a general rule, it’s good to be mindful to move during the day. Even if that means standing while attending a Zoom meeting or taking a quick walk after lunch. That is if you have time to do so…

Speaking of such, if I had a magic wand, the one thing I would change about the Distance Learning schedule this year would be that our entire district gets one hour earmarked for lunch at the same time, regardless of grade level. Currently, they only get 30 minutes for lunch and my boys don’t even get to eat lunch together. I wish school districts would realize that lunch is more than just about eating. It’s a time to connect with others, a time to take a walk, a time to regroup and destress, a time to help prepare a fresh meal…time away from the screen.

I hope your school year is off to a great start and that these tips help set you up for a healthy new year chapter in the book of learning!