Baby Arun

Sometimes I feel so undeserving of the life that God has blessed me with. In specific, Ashish and two of the most incredible blessings; our boys. Sometimes I think that all the pain that I endured with my mother’s passing, and hurt I encountered with my ‘out-laws’ was God’s way of showing me that hope prevails and love conquers…

It’s because of my love for Ashish that I was capable to love more than I ever anticipated. That’s when Nishad entered our life. It was because of Nishad that I was able to allow my heart to over-flow with even more love…then Baby Arun arrived.

I recall a friend of mine asking me while I was pregnant with Nishad, “With the world in such turmoil, why have a baby now?” I replied, “A baby brings hope- hope is exactly what our world needs.” Little did I know Obama would coin my phrase of ‘hope’! ha,ha! 🙂

I can’t imagine our lives without Baby Arun. Nishad made us a family and Arun completed the picture. Oh, I do so love our family!