Tree Houses

“Cloud 9”
The Morning I Woke Up In The Clouds.
Marveling at all the butterflies in the wildflowers floating by.

Natural Beauty.

Love is: Remembering not only what is important, but who is important.

The Duluth Lift Bridge in the skyline.

The Boys Room, that they were so thrilled about!

Our love nest 🙂

Time for some R & R

Up with the trees, swingin’ in the breeze, birdies sing with my babies and me… There is something so mystic and magical about looking out with a view beyond downtown Duluth, out beyond as far as the eye can see off toward Lake Superior- from a tree house. It really gives you a birds eye view of just how enormous things are. Each tree house (villa) is built to resemble the structure of a tree. There is a trunk that leads up to a circular base. Each tree house is equipped with a kitchen, living room, separate bedrooms and deck. Though they are fully furnished, each tree house is separately owned, so their decor does differ from one another. The views also differ. We stayed three days/two nights in the “Dream Catcher.” It’s name perfectly suits it! It has the best view of all the tree houses, complete with floor to ceiling windows. It was a dream to watch the fireworks in the privacy of one anothers company, above the crowds on Canal Park. We took a hike on the property in rows of tall natural grass and wildflowers, under the ski lifts that now stand dormant. There before us, in the vast openness, it’s hard not to feel connected with nature. The experience brought me back to an enlightenment phase that tickled my spiritual senses. Ashish mentioned reserving one for a week in the winter as he thought it would be quite a view with all the ice and trees glazed with white. I’m sure it would be, as it’s apparent that these tree houses have something unique to offer every season.

Me and My Love.

The last time we were in Duluth on the 4th of July, we weren’t yet engaged.