2 Harbors

Time stands still for those who toss rocks. Of course, Daddy captivated them by showing them how the rocks can dance.

Our Sailor “boys” on the lookout at the light house.

One Mighty Vessel docked in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

The Pier adjacent to the Light House.

Our Little Captain was all a buzz with the ship loading process and mechanics of the light house.

Visitors can purchase a ticket to see the historic Twin Harbor’s Light House up close and personal. However, our boys were all about the vessel docked, the pier and the rocks! A 20 mile drive from Duluth (unless you encounter construction/traffic), makes this for a fun lunch time activity. We passed on the famous “Betty’s Pies.” I know, how could we, right? We’ll the truth is that we stopped there a few years ago, and it was nothing to write home about. It was more of an over-rated tourist trap, and there are way better places to eat on the North Shore. Perhaps, it’s time to make a homemade pie, with fresh seasonal fruit at home!