Flip, Flop and Fly

Yay for gymnastics! Nishad has been itching to get back to the gym and I’ve been itching to see my firend JG and her kiddos~ a perfect solution…open gym at Gleason’s! Ashish and I have decided to enroll Nishad this Autumn after waiting through the summer. He took a trial class last Spring and loved it. Despite his Mommy’s tap happy feet, he’s definetly a gymnast! Hey, you have to be your own person! 🙂 I adored D calling me “Miss Beverly.” He would run up to me and say, “Miss Beverly…where were you? I was looking for you! There you are!” Followed by a big smile and a giggle. 🙂 We are so happy with 2 boys, but I wouldn’t mind having D- that is for sure! Tiger also tested out everything and was so happy to run, jump, climb and balance! We stopped off at Trader Joe’s (I have a slight addiction to the sparkling pink lemonade they have) and headed home for a nice, well-deserved nap!

Lake Calhoun

This was our first trip to Lake Calhoun, and oh my, did we love it! We enjoyed the time playing at the beach, walking the path (the kids rode their bikes) and gazing at all of the gorgeous houses that surround the lake. Ashish and I have such a better understanding of where we would like our next house to be. Live and learn. We love this area and could “live local.” After we stopped off at an all organic restaurant that comes highly recommended from the locals; Luccia’s. Oh my goodness! We had quite the p0t-luck from their for dinner that evening! Vegetarian chili, moz-basil pizza, black bean cakes, bread, curried chick pea sald (my favorite!) and two del.i.cious sandwiches!

Wild Playdate

The two J’s visited “the country” (aka our house) to party like an animal. After all, it was JH’s birthday (albeit about a month prior!). We made binoculars, went on a safari hunt, created yummy (corn fructose lathered) animal choochoo’s, had lunch and played in the pool! The boys slept very well after we big the J’s a farewell. Nishad never likes to say goodbye…especially, to his buddy. I assured him that next Friday, we’ll be visiting “the big city” (aka the J’s house) for another wild time!

JH has been such a blessing in my life…she’s such a girls girl! She’s wonderful! Who needs coffee when they have a friend like JH?

4th of July

My Dad called and Nishad picked up the phone and he responded, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” YES! Happy Birthday, America! We celebrated with a bonfire, s’mores, pool action and a BBQ. Life is good! Ashish and I also knocked off a lot off our “to do” list. There’s always tomorrow! 🙂