Susan Powers

I finally get what Susan Powers’ meant when she said, “STOP THE INSANITY” as I feel like that with germs this season. Seriously!

While Ashish was in SFO, Nishad was sick. They also closed down Nishad’s school because of illness. Ashish came back from SFO, and got sick. Now he is on the mend and Tiger is sick- three weeks later after Nishad. Enuff.

I am the most OCD person I know…my close friends can attest to this. With having a suppress immune system this season around (due to pneumonia in May and a severe reaction to shots), I am even more careful. I need to be 100% to take care of my babies. I just may be doing a goggle search on “BUBBLE OUTFITS.”

At one point, Ashish called me mean, “just very mean.” It’s not out of meanness that I roll down a window when someone sneezes or coughs in a confined car- it’s out of love for all involved. I didn’t allow the kids to be around him when he was sick, not out of meanness, but out of concern so he could get the rest he needs and the kids remain healthy. Which, by the way, I think I figured out how Tiger caught some germs. The sheets I took off the bed that Ashish was sleeping on when sick were in the basket waiting to be washed. I believe Mr. Tiger was playing with them. 🙁 I wish I cleaned those ASAP. Lesson learned.

The CDC also has some great recommendations for caring for someone with the flu or H1N1 on it’s web site. One of the things I took from it was “no cloth hand towels to dry your hands” unless everyone has a seperate one (by color, perhaps). They also updated their symptom check to include non-fevers. This was one of the factors the hospital didn’t think I had H1N1.

On a side note, while working with Tiger on his Hindi today (as he is home sick) I pointed to a mouse and said, “Chew-haa” (mouse in Hindi). At which he pointed at the mouse and said, “Aah-CHOOO!” haha! 🙂 Very appropriate!


This has become a “GRAND” tradition of ours; Boo Bash on Grand Ave in St. Paul. It really has that hip, city feel with all the big mature trees, eco-friendly customers, and houses that line the street that are filled with charm and character…when houses were built to last. Yes, much unlike the sterile burbs…this is always a Halloween treat!

This year Ashish was sick, so we missed his company as we strolled up and down Grand Ave. trick or treating, marveling at every one’s costumes and being frequently stopped by passer-by’s exclaiming how “ADORABLE” the boys are and what unique costumes. This happened so frequently that I think it started to go to Tiger’s head. it wasn’t before long that he started saying, “I’m cute! I’m cute!” A few people even stopped to compliment me about the choice of costume. They mentioned how refreshing it was to see boys in original costumes that weren’t character/commercial costumes like Scooby-Do, Harry Potter and Spider Man. This was Nishad’s first year ever trick or treating (minus the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party we attended at Walt Disney World last year at this time). So, he walked up to the first station, and though “Great, I have a sucker now…I’m all done.” haha.. Then he caught on. He even went in a few places all by himself.

Of course, the boys amazingly talented and loving Auntie Kelly was the one that created these costumes for the boys! She can add this to her list of achievements like the NYC Metropolitan Opera House and Shakespeare Theatre Chicago (where she is currently employed– plug, plug!). All the credit goes to her as the boys dream of being penguins would not have been possible without her. She took the head accessory back to Chicago to work on them, so I had to improvise by making little caps. So, if it that part of the costume looks odd, it’s my fault, not hers! 🙂

At 3PM, we went to the Stepping Stone Theatre off Grand Ave. to see Hanuman and the Girl Princess. I wasn’t sure how Tiger would do as this was his first theatre performance. He did great! I don’t know what I was worried about. He sat there so attentive and when the monkey came out he looked at me and said, “BUNDER!” (which is monkey in Hindi). Have I mentioned how I love St. Paul?

Funny story…we actually walked in through the backstage door. Heh. A man, who worked for the company was so sweet…so he showed us through to the theatre and directed us to the lobby doors. He said, “They haven’t opened the doors yet, so just go right through and you’ll see everyone in the lobby waiting in line.” Boy did we ever! I opened the door to an eager crowd that suddenly said, “PENGUINS!” hahaha. Talk about a grand arrival! That’s right…the Kumar’s are AT the theatre!

Uptown Delight

Missed the curtain at the Minnesota Orchestra…so Nishad and I hung out in Uptown together and enjoyed ice cream at Sebastian Joe’s. YUM. The best ice cream I’ve had in quite some time. We stuck with pumpkin and chocolate, but they had such ice creams such as garlic on their menu! Too bad Ashish wasn’t with us to test out that one.

MOA Times

Ever feel like you’ve meet your long lost sibling? Well, Jewl’s is my long lost sibling. She was even actually suppose to be named Beverly as well. And, I was suppose to be named William (they were sure I was a boy)…and her Dad’s name is William. Freaky-leaky! I am so glad that I met her. She is just one of those people that you feel like you have a comfort-zone with and despite not being childhood friends, it’s as though you’ve known one another your entire life. It may have been true that, at first, it was because of our boys that we found commonality. However, I can honestly say she is one of my closest friends and I just can’t imagine not having her in my life. She always has a smile and greets me with a hug. Her friendship has made me remember how it was to have a dear friend live so close~ there is nothing like a gal pal that is secure and happy with herself…that isn’t about a facade, but all about being real. She’s already seen me and my worst and best…(and we’ve not yet known one another for a year yet) and despite everything, she’s still my friend. Yup, true friendship! The best kind. Appropriately named Julie- as she is quite a jewel!

So of course I jumped at the opportunity to hang out with her and the boys at MOA for a little amusement park fun and lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe. There are some people that despite what is joining on in your life, you drop everything and hang out with them. She’s one of those people for me. 🙂 We had a fantastic day at MOA.

After we said our goodbyes and parted ways, I let Nishad go to “Build a Bear” where he picked out a birthday turkey for he and his brother. haha! The line was long, but sure worth the wait to see the shocked look on his face when the girl about to stuff the turkey replied, “Can you jump to make the heart beat?” hahaha… I swear he looked at her like, “Look Lady, I can jump, but no amount of jumping is going to make this fabric heart beat.”


Waddle on over and join us for one “cool” party! We decided to have the boys birthday parties a bit early this year- Saturday, October 10th to be exact. With weekends being so busy, and Halloween actually falling on a Saturday, we thought this would pan out better. Plus, the boys get to turn their birthday celebrations in to a month long celebration. All good in my book. Heh. Well, you have to spoil them sometimes.

Auntie Kelly flew in from Chicago in honor of a very special 2 year old and a 4 year old. Tiger was bouncing around for the past week, “Party! Party!” and Nishad all a buzz with seeing his friends. For anyone that doesn’t believe a 2 year old gets what a party means, they haven’t met Tiger. He’s one smart cookie.

Auntie Kelly helped me transform the basement into the Arctic zone after my weeks of planning and prep. I had to order a lot of things online this time around because I only had a week to prepare because I was sick and in the hospital from a reaction to the injections I was given. Full speed ahead…this Mommy refuses to disappoint, and I know with my true and trusted bestie at my side, nothing is impossible.

I ordered their cakes from a cake artist that hand designed two original cakes for the boys; Queen of Cakes located in Edina, Minnesota. For two cakes (one 9-inch and one 10-inch) it was $80.00. I can attest that the cakes were not only cute, but I received a lot of compliments on how well the cakes tasted. I couldn’t have been happier with their work. Of course, Mother Nature also rose to the occasion, providing a dusting of snow on the morning of the party. There was just enough “powdered sugar” effect to make everything “naturally” perfect! The morning of, Kelly and I ventured out on some slick roads to retrieve the cakes. Alas, we got them, safely in on piece (Kelly held on to them for the love of cakes!).

The night before, she and I had so much fun decorating the basement with hues of blue and snowflakes. I ordered snow flakes that hung down in a row for $6 each (for a total of $28.00) at oriental trading company. We cut plastic dark blue and light blue table cloths, $1.50 each and stapled them to the unfinished basement ceiling for the sky. We made an igloo out of poster board, penguins on top and Kelly finished it off with a little finishing pond for the penguins to go ice fishing. I printed off 55 black and white photos to create a “darkroom” strung across the wall, which showcased pictures of the boys form birth to present. I rented three tables and 15 chairs along with a helium tank for $90.00 from General Rental in Monticello. Of course, with helium, on needs balloons. Upon seeing dark blue and light blue balloons, Mr. Nishad said, Mommy, you need some yellow as penguins and black and white and yellow! Over 60 balloons filled the house. It was neat.

For the menu, we served up (homemade) vegetarian chili, with chicken tortilla soup, and corn bread (shaped like fish), along with imported black and white bow tie pasta, salsa (to keep you hot), hot chocolate, cider and the most ADORABLE olive penguins…almost too flippin’ cute to eat! Auntie Kelly worked on this precious army of black and white while I cooked up the rest.

Every guest that received an invitation was asked to dress in black and white. In turn there was a sea of black and white…everyone looked so cute! All in all, we had 34 guests; 21 adults and 13 children- not including two families that had to cancel last minute because they got sick (we missed you Benites’ and Geryol!). Yes, a house full, but we care for everyone so much for everyone that attended and it means so much that they took the time to celebrate such a milestone with our boys, we would do it again in a second!

We played the “catch the fish” game, ice hockey-slap shot and carry the penguin’s egg. The prizes were snowflake pencils and penguin notebooks. For the kid favors, we gave blue snowflake mugs filled with an organic penguin bar, Swedish fish and hot-chocolate. For the “family” favor, we gave black boxes filled with black and white candy, complete with a snowflake on top.

Thank you also to MB for helping me make the penguin banner and for helping the kids break in all their fun birthday toys while the clean up process began. The following day, we had to take both Kelly and Ashish to MSP as Kelly returned back to Chicago and Ashish flew out to SFO for the World Oracle Conference.

Thank you to all that attend. It was so great seeing you all. And a BIG thank you to Auntie Kelly for all her undivided attention, creativity and help (The boys just love you so much!). Another kiss of a thank you to my honey who let’s me do as I wish. XO.