Winter Blahs

After such a healthy Fall, and seemingly healthy winter…IT got US! Whatever IT is it vacated the boys body (thankfully!) but alas, I’m always the longest to recover. On my behalf though, I did get it after the other two were on their way to recovering. I think that I was just so worn down. With school, homework, trying to keep up the house and take care of the boys (which now have swimming, gymnastics and little sportsers), on top of being up the entire night with Tiger…on top of Ashish coming home consistently late the last few weeks…my resistance was just low. I pushed through my Friday night class, dreading every minute my body wasn’t under the covers. Saturday and Sunday were spent at home, recovering. I really can’t wait to get back to my dance classes and perhaps add an element of exercise on another day for the week. But first things fist– feeling better.

So, I thought this would be a good time to re-visit and re-evaluate my priorities and focus.
1. My relationship with Ashish
2. My boys
3. My health (Get to that Zumba class! Get to that Dance class! Lay off the sugar!)
4. Consistently healthy meals that are prepared, NOT assembled.
5. Schoolwork.
6. Keep it simple (Block off down-time on the sched!)
7. Soak up and enjoy the “simple” things
8. Deligate more
8. Practice Peace.
10. Read more.

Tiger’s BF


Nishad and I (along with Amy and S) tagged along as Tiger and his BF had their 2nd playdate. I say “their” play date, but we all had a wonderful time. Amy and I have been meaning to get together (kid prompted!) since the beginning of the year. But with the fact that I have school/h.w., in addition to the fact that Amy is also a full-time SAHM with a little one- not to mention everything else that life tosses ones way including holidays and and the fact that a chunk of playtime is already invested in our boys attending school M-F for three hours (not including commute times) a day it just didn’t happen until the new year. I think Tiger would agree when I say, “Well worth the wait!”

The first time I saw these two really together (besides pick-up- which happens in the blink of an eye, honestly) was at Charlie’s birthday party. The two sat next to one another and when Tiger wanted to get his BF’s attention he didn’t say his name, speak in a loud voice, poke or nudge him, etc. He simply brushed his hand across his friend back which prompted his friend to turn and make eye contact. They both smiled so lovingly at one another and then Tiger told him about the “color” he liked (they were at an art studio). It’s so sweet to see a reciprocal friendship bloom, not out of need, convenience or necessity, but out of the sheer joy of being true friends.

We’ve heard about a few different friends in Tiger’s Casa. However, when he speaks of his BF, it usually ends followed by either of these three things: 1. “I love him.” 2. “He doesn’t hit me.” (A good characteristic of a friend, I think!) 3. “My best.”

We headed to Como Zoo and Conservatory after pick-up. It’s about 25-minutes from the boys school. We brown bagged our lunches and briefly ate in front of the fountain (we were gently told that there is no food allowed in the actual gardens, but you can eat in the main section). After visiting the gardens we even made it outside to the primate building to monkey around a bit.

What I loved so much was that this, like our last play date, was really low-key. In the picture above, Amy and I feverishly searched for change so the boys could “make a wish” at the fountain. I never carry cash anymore– thank goodness we had both actually had change.

The boys curiously explored with a skip in their step, the look of wonder on their face and joy in their hearts. I’m so blessed Tiger introduced us to his BF and his family!

Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging
~For Kids at Home~

 One of my favorite things to watch children do in a Montessori classroom is flowering arranging. Not only do these children tend to have mathematical and spacial intelligence, but I think of them as the peacemakers of the classroom. In the dead of winter, who couldn’t use a little burst of color…(and peace for that matter, as everyone seems to get a case of the grumps from the winter weather by now).
I’ve incorporated this Montessori concept into my home. Since Nishad was about 12 months old, he’s been flower arranging. I usually don’t purchase any flowers in the summer as I already have an abundance of fresh cut flowers from my own garden. (The boys love to go and hand pick them!) However, in the winter, I purchase flowers weekly. I come home, divided them in two bunches and give each of my boys a bunch. They look forward to this activity and often prompt me in the store to pick up flowers.

1. Flowers. I know this is an obvious supply. However, stay clear of stems with thorns or stems that are too hard for your child to cut.
2. Mini-Vases. I have multiple small vases that I’ve collected through the years, some at craft stores and some at big box stores. Each vase is usually between $1 to $3. I’ve never had one break, but know when you purchase it that as with anything glass, your child make break it. The idea of using real glass as opposed to plastic is that they learn that it is a “precious” material- and that you value them enough to give them the actual material to use. This is, “careful work.”
3. Small pitcher and funnel. The small glass pitcher is for the child to go to the sink and fill up water for the vases. The funnel is for the child to place on the mouth of the vase to filter the water into. However, depending on the age of your child you may want to fill up the water for him or her yourself.
4. Child size scissors. This is so that your child can measure the height of the flower against the vase and cut it to the height they would like it to be in the vase. Be sure to teach them to pinch off all of the leaves prior to inserting the stem into the vase.
5. Child size apron. This is really optional, but if you prefer your child not get their clothes wet (there is always a potential spill) it may be something you want to include, along with a little sponge for quick, self-clean-up.
Surely, your child will find the perfect spot for their arrangement adding a burst of color and a little note of peace in your household.

Art: Tiger Style.

Jump for Art!
“The Show”

“A story with every picture.”

And there was music too!

Last night, while Nishad was at his class, Tiger was very, very quiet upstairs. When I checked on him he was was using tape to carefully place his masterpieces on his bedroom walls. He told me to wait and when he was done we would invite me to the art show. This was one ticket for a show that will forever remain priceless in my heart.
Ashish says it’s two bears hugging. I think it’s an eagle…

Modern Abstract. I hope he parts with it.

shhhh…Artist at work.

Joys of dot paints. I’m hoping it wasn’t me he painted.