Kolacky & Hoska

When ever I mention that I am craving a kolacky, people in Minnesota give me a bit of a confused look. “Did you say Kolacky?” Yes, but not any kolacky– a Vesecky’s Bakery kolacky back in Berwyn off Cermak Road. When I mention houska, it instantly gets another funny expression from people.

As a mater of fact, when I was pregnant with Nishad I was craving a strawberry kolacky (my favroite…I only like the cheese and strawberry) so bad that I found a bakery in Minnesota, New Prague, that make kolacky. *Lau’s Czech Bakery: 121 Main St W New Prague, MN*

Ashish and I took a day trip (2 1/2 hour drive to get there from our house) only to find that the bakery was closed. Devastation! While scouting the town, we noticed the plethora of Czech references. I immediately said to Ashish, “With so many Czech’s settling here, they are bound to have kolacky in their local grocery store!” I waddled in the grocery store and headed directly to the bakery department, which…had kolacky! However, they were the ones that were covered (not the open round ones). Disappointed, I left empty handed.

When I went back to Chicagoland for my baby shower, I stocked up and brought a dozen home along with two houskas. While driving back on a very hot summer day with my two friends, Vicki and Kelly, there was a “POP” in the car that startled us all. Vicki immediately said, “It’s the bread!” 🙂

Yes, houska is bread. It tastes similar to Hawaiian bread in the sense that it is a bit sweeter, but it has raisins and nuts on top. It’s great in the morning with a little butter on top accompanying with a cup of French Roast- Caribou beans, of course!

I have yet to find a “real” bakery in Minnesota. I now realize now how spoiled I was growing up in such a cultural mecca like Chicago. Being that Vesckey’s still operates as I imagine it did 40-years ago, they don’t ship bakery anywhere. Yes, they still package your bakery in little white boxes with string wrapped around them. However, I did find this place online, Zicha Meats, that ships their bakery for them. I haven’t ordered via Zicha, so if anyone does, let me know what your experience is like.

The Real Football!

Mommy’s little soccer player! I always knew you had a strong kick, Nishad! (Trust me!) Our friends, and neighbors (Krista and Presten) organized a tot soccer class this past June. They did a great job! It was such a hoot to see all the little ones out on the field together. My how they all grow over the winter!

The class was held every Monday for 30-minutes, right in our backyard- the park! What a great way to utilize the park…

Nishad *loves* “Kiss-ta” and even calls her on his cell phone. “What’cha cookin’ for dinner, Kiss-ta? When are you comin’ over?” Jaxson, their son (who was born in August a few months before Nishad), is very high on Nishad’s list of VIP’s!

Father’s Day

The joys of being a Daddy! We celebrated Father’s Day by staying downtown in Saint Paul overnight. We had dinner and then Nishad took Daddy to see “Walking With the Dinosaurs” at the Excel Energy Center. Nishad came back to the hotel roaring like T-Rex. Ashish said that the BBC production was well done. Mommy made sure they had awesome seats too- they were 7 rows back. Nishad knew that the dinosaurs were puppets, a new favorite past-time of his! http://www.dinosaurlive.com/

The following day we walked across the bridge to Harriet Island. There are no coconuts there. We boarded a cruise down the Mississippi. I refrained from supplying the entertainment for the 90-minute boat ride in fear passengers would make me walk the plank after hearing my version of “Oh Man River.”


Nishad shows off “his” car. Somehow he inherited it before his time. He digs the mustang and asks to ride it in. Car seats and fastbacks aren’t a successful combination.

I can see he and his brother in future years, cruising’ around. There’s something about an antique classic that gives you an instant appreciation and respect for the past.

I’ve had this car since I was 19 years old. My Dad restored it for me and I drove it every day. Windows wide open, hair flying around…nothing like a ride in a mustang on an open road! Amazingly enough, despite my lead foot, I never once got a ticket while driving this car. I met officers, yes…but never a ticket. One even waved at me as he suddenly ‘appeared’ from a corn field on my way back from visiting my friend Kelly who was then at school in Macomb, IL. I waved back and eased my foot off the gas.

This car has made it’s journey form Chicago to Minnesota…I’m not sure if we ever will sell it now.

Fire Pit Craving

Last summer, while I was about 7- month pregnant, I had an idea that became obsessed with. “We need a fire pit- and we need it now!” Well, I didn’t quite phrase it like that to Ashish, but needless to say, we loaded up Nishad and ended up at our local chain home and garden store with a 10% off coupon in hand. I ‘supervised’ as Ashish made a circle of bricks in the isle that was exactly what this pregnant woman needed. No, I didn’t crave pickles or ice cream, but a fire pit.

After numerous trips from the car to the backyard (which Ashish earned his cardio workout for the day as we have a walkout basement- so it’s not an easy task), I began digging and clearing a section in our yard for our pit. Yes, we have rock star plans for our yard, but we’ve always agreed it will come in phases. This was just one of those phases- with odd timing. Being that I wouldn’t stop until it was done, I waddled in around 9PM that night. Though I couldn’t really admire my work from our deck, I knew it was out there- And that was enough to give this pregnant lady a sense of satisfaction that I could dream about.

This Spring we continued on with DYI phase two of our fire pit. We added a seating area and landscaping. We had our first bonfire last month. I came prepared with S’More fixin’s in hand. Ashish doesn’t like them and Nishad only likes the chocolate bar. At least we were all able to enjoy the fire pit together. *This picture is from May, 2008.