Susan Powers

I finally get what Susan Powers’ meant when she said, “STOP THE INSANITY” as I feel like that with germs this season. Seriously!

While Ashish was in SFO, Nishad was sick. They also closed down Nishad’s school because of illness. Ashish came back from SFO, and got sick. Now he is on the mend and Tiger is sick- three weeks later after Nishad. Enuff.

I am the most OCD person I know…my close friends can attest to this. With having a suppress immune system this season around (due to pneumonia in May and a severe reaction to shots), I am even more careful. I need to be 100% to take care of my babies. I just may be doing a goggle search on “BUBBLE OUTFITS.”

At one point, Ashish called me mean, “just very mean.” It’s not out of meanness that I roll down a window when someone sneezes or coughs in a confined car- it’s out of love for all involved. I didn’t allow the kids to be around him when he was sick, not out of meanness, but out of concern so he could get the rest he needs and the kids remain healthy. Which, by the way, I think I figured out how Tiger caught some germs. The sheets I took off the bed that Ashish was sleeping on when sick were in the basket waiting to be washed. I believe Mr. Tiger was playing with them. 🙁 I wish I cleaned those ASAP. Lesson learned.

The CDC also has some great recommendations for caring for someone with the flu or H1N1 on it’s web site. One of the things I took from it was “no cloth hand towels to dry your hands” unless everyone has a seperate one (by color, perhaps). They also updated their symptom check to include non-fevers. This was one of the factors the hospital didn’t think I had H1N1.

On a side note, while working with Tiger on his Hindi today (as he is home sick) I pointed to a mouse and said, “Chew-haa” (mouse in Hindi). At which he pointed at the mouse and said, “Aah-CHOOO!” haha! 🙂 Very appropriate!